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Work measurement and labor standards

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Better time studies
Save time trying to figure out where time is spent! FREE Student App available that gives you all the data you need for your next time study or work sampling project. Charts and Graphs included.

Manage engineered labour standards
Benchmark value adding times across your industry using professional software that includes real time and industry specific labor standards. 

Quality control and sanitation management

How to do 5S and/or 6S Quality
Learn how to configure your own 5S Audit or any inspection to identify non conformance and send corrective action notifications. Get better audit reports faster. Free demo for students.

Modernize sanitation management
Facilities are looking to replace out of date technology to better manage and track their maintenance teams. Free online demonstration available for students.

Visualize and control workflow
Define, manage, initiate and track every step in your workflow. Use modern technology to better track your tasks and over time optimize the complete process flow. Free demo for students.

Kaizan, Kanban and Lean Manufacturing

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Understand where time is spent
Learn about software applications that work on tablets and phones to perform professional time studies and work sampling. Pareto charts, takt time charts and so much more to see.

Educational package

Take advantage of an education package to teach work measurement!