Maintenance & Healthcare Asset Management Software

Ultimate software to manage, plan, and process sanitation inspections.


Improve the Way You Track and Schedule Cleaning Routes With Real-Time Data. UMT San is a an Hospital Maintenance and Healthcare Asset Management Software that Will Boost the Efficiency of Your Cleaning Routes to Save You Time and Money.
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Housekeeping and maintenance managers that are currently scheduling routine cleaning can benefit their entire organization by improving time management through optimized scheduling with our software solution.
Housekeeping management tool
Complete application that provides control of maintenance routines, keeps records of cleaning and inspection items. All data collected electronically and easily monitored. UMT SAN can be customized with your inventory, your schedules and your standards to better meet the needs of your facility. Housekeeping and maintenance managers that are currently scheduling routine cleaning can benefit their entire organization by improving time management through optimized scheduling with UMT San.
Spend less time planning
UMT San is a flexible easy to use program that allows you to use drag and drop to enter one time all the requirements of how often an area or item needs to be cleaned. Based on the fields entered the system automatically determines a cleaning schedule. No need to create paper lists and track the last time an item was cleaned, UMT San does it for you.
Schedules based on your data
Standard times are uploaded for all basic maintenance procedures, allowing you to create schedules with proper time allocations. Not only that, following the routes created by UMT San over time will generate in house standard times, these standard times will be based on real time by your own maintenance crew within your own facility, giving you even more accurate means to schedule your employee's time.
Better sanitation records
Using a variety of advanced technologies, UMT San can be set up in your facility to easily track information about each location and/or item in your inventory, giving you accurate and reliable data reports. Pull up information about any item at any time to see the status and better manage cleaning standards.


UMT San is a sophisticated maintenance program that allows you to track and schedule janitorial routes based on the real time data of a variety of tasks related to locations and items within your organization. UMT San will improve the efficiency of your cleaning routes to save you time and money.
  • Can be hosted in Web versions working with an internet browser or can be a desktop application.
  • ISSA cleaning times adapted by experts from the health and school networks of Quebec.
  • Possibility of using an Excel file to import the initial data.
  • Set of building spaces/items represented in a tree view.
  • Authentication by user type for selective and secure access to software features.
  • Great flexibility allowing autonomy for the revision of data such as cleaning frequencies, types of tasks, surfaces, profession, working hours, etc.
  • Quick data search with automatic search filters and keywords.
  • Creation of cleaning frequencies by space/item profile, by zone or by specific space/item.
  • Automatic adjustment of cleaning frequencies based on building type.
  • Time of activities can be calculated according to the types of surfaces.
  • Scenarios of new working routes possible without modifying the initial routes.
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop route creation that can include monthly and weekly periodic frequencies.
  • Automatic calculation of the times of a work route distributed by working day.
  • Connectivity with the UmtAudit software when performing tasks for real times and spaces/items.
  • Possible comparison between historical real times and theoretical times.
  • Possible comparison between the tasks carried out and the tasks planned.
  • Multitude of customizable reports.
  • Complete user manual online.
Types of Services Offered to Go Along With Umt San:
  • Database Configuration
  • Productivity Studies
  • Ongoing Technical Support
  • Inventory Setup
  • Customized UMT San Configuration and Standards
  • Onsite Training
  • Editing and Additions to Routes and / or Inventory

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