UMT Plus

Time Study Analysis & Lean Manufacturing Software

UmtPlus is your essential time study software and lean manufacturing software to identify waste, optimize your resources, and increase your productivity.


Work measurement software ideal for time studies, lean manufacturing, and self-work sampling. More than 50% faster than using a stopwatch. By eliminating the step of manual data entry, you minimize the risk of potential error.
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Find Your Solutions Faster
Doing work measurement studies with your UmtPlus time study mobile application grants you instant access to reports that will help you to quickly determine where and how to implement your solutions.
Save Time and Money
Collecting data using the UmtPlus time study app can save you more than 50% of the time you would have spent using a stopwatch. Furthermore, by eliminating the step of manual data entry, you minimize the risk of potential error.
Your Study, Your Way
Whether it is self sampling, video time studies, or more traditional work measurement, UmtPlus is developed to be a flexible software that allows you to easily customize each study to suit your needs

The Ultimate Tool for

Time Studies
Eliminate data entry by using the app to accurately record data.
Work Sampling
​Understand and optimize your resources.
Random Studies
Set an alarm that cues the sampler to input an entry.
Simultaneous Studies
You can study up to 10 processes at the same time.
Self Work Sampling
Use the random alarm to have employees self work sample.
Video Time Studies
Connect to UMT Video to study any video file.

UMT Plus includes 3 comprehensive software modules

UMT Manager
This program allows you to easily create, edit and manage any number of configurations from a PC to perform your time study or work sampling.
UMT Plus Time study mobile application
This program allows you to accurately collect data for work measurement using the mobile app for iOS, Android or other tablets and smartphones.
This program allows you to instantly review reports and graphs while easily manipulating data for analysis on a PC.


UmtPlus is the most sophisticated work measurement software on the market to do time studies
and work sampling on a mobile device. Your UMT PLUS license includes 3 comprehensive software modules to improve any of your Work Measurement studies.
UMT Plus : Time Study App

UMT Manager is designed to allow you to easily create, edit and manage your study at the comfort of your PC. Once you have completed your configuration, in a simple click you can transfer the study to any number of mobile devices and you will be ready to start your study. Did you forget to program an element? Don’t worry, you are able to easily add it directly on your mobile device, or you can even program your entire study from your device if you prefer, it’s all about flexibility!

UMT Manager Worksheet
Each cell can be programmed individually with up to 16 levels per element. Once transferred to a tablet with a 7″ screen or larger you can see all columns just as you do on the sheet. If you have a smaller device like an iPhone you will only see three columns at a time and be able to swipe to the next column.

Easily Program Each Key
Click the key you wish to program from the UMT Manager worksheet, and simply complete the fields that are relevant to your time study or work sampling study. You will be able to see reports on activity type, activity category and much more.

Transfer your Configuration
The UMT Manager Program allows you to automatically transfer the data into an MS Excel, MS Access, a STAT UMT study file or all three, all you have to do is check the transfer type you want.

Data can even be sent directly to an existing custom excel template. No need to copy and paste data. Once a time study is finished, simply click the transfer icon, and existing templates are automatically populated. Once you have configured your study and transferred your time study or work sampling templates to your mobile device, you are ready to start collecting data.

Collect work measurement data simply by clicking on the applicable element on your mobile application. Once you have completed your time study, simply transfer the data from your app to your PC and you are ready to start your analysis.

Want to know how the study is going? In the time study app you can review your statistics in real time.

Time study app for android or iOS.
The UMT Plus mobile applications include the following features:

  • Times are recorded to 1/100th of a second
  • You can view and edit all observations at any time while on the floor
  • You can use multiple devices to collect data
  • Enter up to eight descriptive headers for each study
  • Add speed ratings to your observations
  • Add numeric codes automatically or manually as you go
  • Add comments to your observations manually or automatically
  • Add photos to your observations
  • View the designated amount of observations needed to respect statistical parameters
  • Collect your data remotely using our video module (available on the MAX version only)
  • And so much more…

Not only are mobile devices easier to use than stopwatches, you can also quickly demonstrate with your time study app that you are aiming to reduce the non-value added activities to improve efficiency… it is also not as intimidating as the stopwatch system.

You can easily export from your time study app to numerous file types including MS Excel and even automatically populate existing MS Excel templates, or use the sophisticated statistical program STAT UMT. With all the export options and the strong analytical module included, UMT Plus provides the perfect tools to analyze your data.

Analytical options include: List of actions, Summary, Normalized Summary, cycle report, Graph by Type and or Category, Pareto Charts, Compilation Charts, Takt Time Chart,Time Distribution chart, Pie Charts, Stack Charts, line balancing Charts and more.

STAT UMT templates and tools to analyze time study data

Spreadsheets are great, but limited… With the StatUMT program, you can combine files with a simple click and analyze more than a million observations at a time.

  • Instantly view reports and graphs
  • Easily transfer data to MS Excel or MS Access with a simple click.
  • Ability to combine compatible studies
  • Easy to edit a study at any time
  • Exclude data from your analysis – reports are automatically recalculated
  • StatUmt will test all studies for you, according to your criteria
  • Charts and reports can be presented and printed by duration or occurrence
  • And so much more…

This statistical program offers a wealth of features that help you to analyze your data and share your results. To learn more about how this sophisticated software can benefit you, please book a meeting for a demo.

New Features

UMT Plus now includes a video module to help you do time studies from anywhere with any movie file​.
Connect to UMT Video through WiFi.
Capture video time stamps.
Back & Forth
Move forward and backward for the most accurate studies.
Play & Pause
Play in slow motion. Pause study for exact times.
Preview time study data as you go.
Connect from anywhere with your team.
View your team’s time studies from anywhere in the world.
Time studies in your industry
Work Measurement for Health Care
The first step in improving patient-to-nurse care time and decreasing hospital wait times is understanding time in hospitals. UMT Plus can help; we even have a carefully built configuration specific to nurses and physicians, Time Study RN, which also includes access to a nationwide database to compare hospital-wide standards.
Time Studies for Retail
Retail companies large and small use UMT Plus mobile applications in their continuous improvement plans to achieve operational excellence. Accessible time study data helps retailers improve efficiency and reduce waste from their supply chain to warehousing and the frontline operations.
Lean Manufacturing
Manufacturing companies are at the forefront of Lean principles, now in a competitive global economy, it is more important than ever for manufacturing companies to minimize waste and maximize time spent on value-adding activities. Knowing where time is spent is the first step, and that is what UMT Plus does.
The importance of work measurement
Setting standards and performance ratings can enable continuous improvement in any organization, however, these standards need to be continually tested. Time studies and work sampling studies are the best way to see where time is being spent and measure non-value-adding activities to identify wasted time. Performing time studies and/ or work sampling using a mobile application is more efficient, more accurate and easier to use. UMT Plus software application has proven to be the best time study mobile app and software on the market.
Systems requirements
Know your basic needs
What type of work measurement studies do you want to be able to do with your time study application, and what type of features will you need from your hardware selection to be able to activate those features?

Camera feature: UMT PLUS app allows you to directly insert evidential photos into your study
Voice Recordings: UMT PLUS app allows you to attach voice memos to elements
GPS Tracking: UMT PLUS app allows you to integrate GPS locations with your time study
Barcode or RFID Scanner: UMT Plus app allows you to integrate and insert scanned codes to any activity
Alarm tones or Vibrate features: UMT Plus allows you to program an alarm for work sampling
Bluetooth and WiFi Capabilities: How do you want to be able to transfer data?
Know your organizational needs
Length of live study: Determine if you will need extended or back up battery life
Environmental Hazards: Determine if you will need any protective casing or ruggedized equipment
Budget: Prices can range from $300 to over $3,000
Know your preferred type of mobile device
  • iOS For iPhones, iPads and iPods
  • Android For tablets and smartphones
  • Windows Tablets and PCs 

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