Identifying Organizational Waste With a Software

Industries of all kinds produce some measure of waste as they go about their operations — whether it is time, productivity, or materials. It takes careful strategizing to put procedures into place that can reduce this sort of organizational waste.

The first step to crafting these waste-reducing strategies effectively is to identify the specific ways in which your organization is creating waste.

Whether you are a trained organizational consultant, an industrial engineer, or a business owner or manager looking to understand the processes and operations of your own organization, a work measurement software can make the process of identifying the areas of waste in your organization simple and accurate.

At Laubrass, our work is to create the best tools and techniques to improve productivity in any industry. Our work management software, UMT Plus, is the most sophisticated work measurement tool on the market to do time studies and work sampling on a mobile device. UMT Plus can help you quickly and easily understand how your organization functions, and take the first step to maximize your efficiency and profit.

A work measurement software adds accuracy and efficiency to every step of the process:


Setting up the study


Using a software takes the work out of setting up an efficiency study. UMT Plus includes a fully programmable manager worksheet, customizable to your time study or work sampling study needs. Whether you have conducted similar studies in the past or this is the first you have set up, the software makes it simple to set up reports on any activity type. Once you have set the study up, the software also automates the transfer of this data to share with a mobile device or devices in order to conduct the study.


Conducting the study


Through the software’s mobile app, conducting the study could not be easier. The hard work and user errors of stopwatches are gone — the application records times to 1/100th of a second! Simply open the app, conduct the time study, and then transfer the data (through the app) back to your computer, to move on to the analysis stage of the study. Using a software not only takes the user error out of your studies, but it also improves the objectivity and consistency of the data collected when it is conducted by multiple parties.


Analyze the study


Once you have all of the raw data about your industry’s efficiency, the most important step in such a study is an effective and fruitful analysis of that data. Using a software like UMT Plus takes the guesswork out of analysis with a strong analytical module that gives you the tools to analyze your data completely and effectively: view reports and graphics instantly, and share these results.

As you seek to craft appropriate labor standards or to improve the processes and operations within your industry, a work measurement software is a great choice to ensure simplicity and accuracy at every step, from setting up the study to analyzing its results.