UMT Plus software used to increase productivity at Avon

How Avon realized productivity improvements of up to 70% using UMT Plus software.
Avon realized productivity improvements of up to 70% after consultants at Kurt Salmon Associates showed their managers how to implement Laubrass’ UMT Plus software for the biggest impact.

For nearly 70 years, Kurt Salmon Associates (KSA) has been implementing pay-for-performance programs in manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout the world. Currently, Avon Products is implementing KSA’s Base Plus, incentive program throughout its North American network in addition to using Laubrass’ UMT Plus software.

Avon’s goal is to combine pay-for-performance programs with KSA’s coaching of Avon’s management and engineering teams. This goal will offer the company tremendous labor savings in five years. Additionally, the programs will enhance the culture within the facilities by creating fair, performance-based environments.

KSA recognized the need for new technology that would provide better study capabilities and streamline data collection to allow engineers to spend time on other tasks. Realizing this, they chose to implement UMT Plus work measurement software on PDAs. UMT Plus allows KSA consultants and Avon Engineers to watch each task more carefully, capture more discrete elements, study several subjects at once and upload their studies quickly by syncing PDAs with computers at the end of the day.

KSA consultants use the random study and multi-study features of UMT Plus to create performance standards for traditional time-work positions. The software is easy to use and training is minimal, allowing quick ramp-up for everyone on the project team.

The Base Plus programs with the UMT Plus software at Avon have earned the project teams the President’s Award, which recognizes contributions for dramatic improvements in the supply chain. Avon is realizing productivity improvements of 25% to 70% in some areas. At the same time the associates are enjoying incentive payments of 10% or more in their paychecks.

KSA and Laubrass Inc. will continue to work together to find new ways to make technology suppot important to corporate engineering efforts.