Quality of Health and Safety Management at UQAM

UQAM case study umt audit

Introduction Maintaining the sanitation of 26 buildings spread over 3 campuses with more than 8,500 rooms to clean is a demanding mandate. At the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), this challenge has become easier to manage and control with the contribution of the UMT Audit software.   Case Study: Quality of Health and Safety Management […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Labor Standards

time studies on mobile device

Creating precise labor standards is a task that requires a lot of precision in order to benefit your organization. As you seek to create these standards, here are a few mistakes to avoid. Being fooled by variants in data   It’s good to measure your processes as precisely and specifically as possible, but it’s also […]

Identifying Organizational Waste With a Software

Business Analytics

Industries of all kinds produce some measure of waste as they go about their operations — whether it is time, productivity, or materials. It takes careful strategizing to put procedures into place that can reduce this sort of organizational waste. The first step to crafting these waste-reducing strategies effectively is to identify the specific ways […]

5 Ways a Time and Motion Study Could Benefit Your Company

optimize the efficiency of your company

As you seek to optimize the efficiency of your company, the first steps are to understand how things function currently. This can help you identify those areas that need improvement and strategy moving forward. The ideal first step in understanding your organization is to conduct a couple of workflow measurement studies in your workplace: a […]

UMT Plus Software Used in MHE Calibration

eliminate manual data entry

Professional time study app for MHE speed testing “On average, the Engineering Consultants found that their study time per piece of equipment was reduced by 60%” – Engineer Consulting Firm   Case Study: UMT Plus software used in Material Handling Equipment calibration Country: Canada Type of organization: Engineering Consulting Firm   Problem Testing the speeds […]

Measuring Nurse to Patient Direct Care

nurse-to-patient direct care

Learn how researchers developed a faster, more practical method of measuring nurse-to-patient direct care. “The health care environment is extremely sensitive to time studies because they can significantly impact the patient experience and the caregiver workload. To minimize patient interruption, the study includes a silent alarm to alert the nurse that a data collection event […]

Learn How a Manufacturing Plant Doubled Their Production

Manufacturing Plant

Learn how a manufacturing plant in Montreal has combined our time study software with their Kaizen approach to almost double the amount of trucks that they are able to produce. “It’s easier to demonstrate that we are just aiming to reduce the non-value added activities in our assembly operation to improve efficiency. It’s not as […]

Identify Interruptions and Improve Productivity

Identify Interruptions and Improve Productivity

Learn how a Canadian Bank was able to identify interruptions in value-added activities and improve productivity by more than 30%. “With one click, all of the collected information was instantly compiled. The results stunned the continuous improvement team.” – Associated Consulting Firm   Problem IT projects always surpass estimated costs and time frames.   Objective […]

Using UMT Plus to Decrease Hospital Waiting Times

Using Time Study Software UMT Plus to decrease hospital waiting times

How a Canadian Hospital was able to analyze the time being spent in their waiting rooms and come up with solutions to decrease the waiting time for each patient using UMT Plus.   “The average waiting time for patients dropped from 3.5 hours to 15 minutes” – Results from Kaizen Simulation using UMT PLUS Data […]

How FedEx Is Using Umt Plus to Set and Test Work Standards

fedex distribution center

How FedEx is now able to complete accurate work sampling studies across 29 of their distribution centers in less than a week.   ”What used to take 4 to 8 weeks for a work sampling project now can be completed in less than a week.” – Kristen McCloskey Dexter, FedEx   Delivering Success The Hub […]